Monday, April 9, 2012

PIPE : 2-15 April 2012


Currently, being in a two weeks induction course by PETRONAS. It might be long days to run but alhamdulillah, so far, I am doing good in this course. With another 90++ PETRONAS executives, we were being explained about PETRONAS and all things regarding this company.

Sometimes, it might be boring. But all the times, I enjoy. Hahaha. When we dealt with processionals, even our argument is challenging them, they will be listening to us. It is totally different than during my time in MPP. Proposing something to the government, brought out all the fact and figures, at last, being rejected even it was being elected by the members in our group that it should be presented. Yelah, that paperwork was against their need.

Luckily, I am done with all these stuffs. But, the real life will come and telling me about the truth in our life. Do pray that I will be istiqamah in this way that I had chosen. All for mardhatillah.

So, next week, I would start my life as technologist in PETRONAS Gas Berhad, Paka. Jadi orang Ganu le pah ni. Heee. All the best to everybody. Remember the ultimate goal of our live which is ALLAH...


Nasrullah Jaafar said...

All The Best Jang! (^_^)

Hazwan Arif said...

ejah bini org ganu la jang